Next… Breast Inflation Station 

Yes, next stop is Breast Inflation Station (aka dr office)! 

It’s 50 more ccs today for the tata tissue expanders to stretch my muscles slowly. (Implants later.) 

Choo choo! 

(Am I the only one who notices the dents in my profile? Well, the dents are getting smaller, haha. – Debts too according to autocorrect – lol.) 

Been listening to my dr and nurse on 24/7 compression for the tatas. Front closure bras all day and night from Walmart, under $15. (And sleeping reclining for comfort and to help tatas settle nicely on my chest. Haha.) 

Medicine woman in the background (I think) – looking over my shoulder. 😉 

Thank you medicine woman. Thank you Inflation Station. ⛑❤️

– Miko xo 


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