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Cancer Dancer

I couldn’t resist the rhyme – even tho cancer said goodbye to me! Still recovering! 

Yesterday, after a full Saturday, I propped myself up on my huge pile of pillows to rest until I got energy to get up. 

Resting for so long can be tough. What to do with my tired but wired self?! 

Netflix to the rescue! On a whim I decided to watch “Shall We Dance” – the one with Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon and Jennifer Lopez. (There’s a Japanese one too that the English one was made from.) 

Nice movie… And then I fell in desire! 

Not for Richard Gere – I crushed on him years ago, the sexy smile and the peaceful Buddhist stuff too. 

But for dancing to “Sway With Me!” 

The  Pussycat Dolls did the one for that movie. 

Must dance! 

I went outside and looked through the versions on YouTube – I liked the Haifa Wehbe one a lot. But she’s not on iTunes and I wanted it to loop. 

Celeste’s jazzy version would do! 

Feels so good and therapeutic to dance to the music as I can, even if I’m on the swing just dancing with my feet cuz everything else is tired. 

It feels timeless, and it’s been said that when we don’t feel time passing we are healing. I think that’s from Bernie Siegel – author of “Love, Medicine and Miracles.” 

Find a favorite song and sway with me! Heal with me! – Cancer or not, why not? 

– Miko xo 

Video clip of my footwork here  😉  

Photo below. 

picture of my silky blue flowery pjs and white slippers outside
dancing outside

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