Successful Breast Inflation

It was a Tata Tuesday for me and my new girls, hooray! – Meaning my tatas did get inflated by another 50ccs. 

Can you tell? Here are my before and afters. 

Boy, I’m tired. Lol. I should be bouncing off the walls soon but right now, the hate never made it but this turtle did. Personal encouragement because I feel slow. 

But direction is more important than speed. 

Anyway, without any further a-doodle-do, my pictures. 

(When I’m tired I ramble.) 

Before tata inflation (100ccs):   

After tata inflation (150ccs):   

Very tired today. But somehow that makes me rowdier. And bossier. 

Good thing I’m with my rowdy friend Lisa. Happy commotion every now and then while I speak with no filters. 

I’ll bring my flood fiasco report later. Right now I’m just happy I did another post with just my iPhone 5s. (I must thank my sponsor for upgrading me so I could take even better selfies! 

(Not only. 😉 ) ) 

Happily sitting outside on a beautiful night seeing how I can get in an even better mood tomorrow. 

So far this approach has been going well with a steady upward trend. 

Oh, I meant to talk about how it feels having tissue expanders. Tight, sometimes sore, tingling, and in the beginning, little zaps in the back of my arm. 

My right lower ribs feel sore and tight. I stretch gently now and then. 

The tatas feel very firm and when I push on them they kind of bounce back – and then I can feel the saline going swish against the plastic. 

Somehow this almost painless procedure (except for a weird bloop feeling that was painful in a bloopy way – dull pressure and like air or a bubble was involved) has left me super tired. 

So, that’s my breast reconstruction report for today.  Oyasumi for tonight – sweet dreams! 

– Miko xo 

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My experience with this was not pleasant, and the outcome not great. There are a lot of hacks who call themselves reconstructive plastic surgeons, and like any other hack will tell you what you want to hear to get your $$$. If I had to do it over again I think I’d do a nice vest of body art instead of boobs. Except I’m not crazy about needles either.

I’m sorry to hear that about your experience. 🙁 I’ve been fortunate. I hope things improve… Needles get old after awhile even when you don’t mind them – I can’t imagine how that was for you.

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