Floods, Fiascoes & Batgirl Jammies

I realized after saying I would write more about the flood disaster, that I really didn’t have much of a story about the flooding. 

The house was put up during the boom, so the backstory goes, with poor quality piping. Haste makes waste? 

Anyway, walls turned to mush and big commotion to daily living. Unfortunately I was not much help physically. 

My landlady was very cool and I enjoyed some gluten free chocolate cake and almond milk from her. But with no running water I’m enjoying my cancer recovery away from home. 

Sleepovers in batgirl jammies!   

But in the spirit of all things being connected, I hope that the flooding is a sign of abundance to come, in all the good ways.  

Floods of goodness. Fun fiascos. 
Well maybe no fiascos! 

I’m loopy tired but I am trying to post through my journey anyway, as often as I can. Then at least I can look back and laugh and remember how I felt. (For others too.) 

Speaking of feelings, chest is very sore today too, tingling or stinging sometimes – and I’m still adjusting to moving less weight with my arms. Uncomfortable and inconvenient but all very bearable. 

Especially with batgirl jammies on. 

– Miko xo 

(Hope to post about food soon! 🍵🍌🍅) 

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