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Try Vegan Too, Cuz…


Okay, not a complete-sounding sentence. Let me paraphrase…

Trying vegan is a fun part of being flexitarian for me. 

Vegan cooking approaches tastes and textures in new ways that can add to my flexitarian diet. 

Those subtle tastes blended together to make vegetables without meat more palatable? (And more nutritious?) 

I like to use those ideas to add to my foodie experience. 

For example, bone broth as a base for sprouted lentil soup – or chilled bean soup. Make a batch and freeze the extra. 

I’m expanding my foodie vocabulary with a new approach to health after cancer. Maybe it’ll help prevent health issues in your life too! 

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That being said, I think beginners mind helps me get the most out of life – especially during times of massive change. 

(Massive change can still be approached gently!) 

So while I plan to share my recipes that work for playing caregiver and patient (with the help of many friends and a few strangers)… As many of us sometimes need to do… 

I would love if you shared your unique wisdom too! 

And always aim for delicious and nutritious … 

Even vegan if you’re a meat lover. 

Enjoy some unique vegan flavors at home or out some time if you haven’t already. 

Remember, not all food or taste buds are “equal” – exploring variety is fun, so is sticking to comfort food for dear life when a certain dish is all that will do! Listen to the bod! 

(And ask your body about Vegenation, haha.) 

As I end my blog post for today, I’m excited to share foodie perspective pictures below from Vegenation at the Eat Laugh Discover March event on St Patrick’s Day! 

This weekend I hope you enjoy your food and eat something delicious, delightful and nutrition – and newish! 


Miko xoxo 

All vegetarian …  

(Maybe I should reactivate my Yelp!)   

strawberries with chocolate and coconut flakes
vegenation strawberry dessert
vegetarian sushi with black rice
fun vegetarian sushi
bean dip and shitake slider vegenation
bean dip and shitake slider vegenation
vegetarian sweet potato quesadilla at vegenation
sweet potato quesadilla
miko enjoys lemon coconut water with chia seeds
miko enjoys lemon coconut water with chia seeds
vegetarian potstickers
vegetarian potstickers

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