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No Bake Protein Carrot Cake Recipe 

With all the carrot smoothies and juicing, sometimes I need variety. 

I googled the title (minus recipe because I thot it was implied) and settled on this no bake protein carrot cake from 

His are much prettier – and easy to pin on Pinterest, but I’m happy with the result of my first attempt. 

The goal was several easy (to eat and prep) healthy new meals to eat. 

Sometimes I eat the same thing a few times in a day because healing hunger can be ravenous and it’s like two demanding jobs healing and cooking up to six meals a day. (Altho cooking can be healing it takes energy. ) 

So this was awesome. 

Anyway, enjoy! Here’s the no bake protein carrot cake from again

Love, Miko xo 

Here’s photographic evidence of my first attempt. I was mostly vegan (vega protein powder too) except the dairy. I used whole milk and regular cream cheese. 


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