Friday Fun Bag Inflation

That suggestion was brought to me by the marvelous one, who liked Tata Tuesday and offered “Fun Bags” to go with Friday. Because alliteration! (I’m almost over it – I think.) 

Anyway, today I was picked up by a volunteer from American Cancer Association’s Road to Recovery program, I think it’s called. Volunteers take people to treatment. Super helpful. I felt better with friends earlier on but I took the plunge. Like! 

Fastest appointment ever. I think I was back home in less than an hour! I helped with that. 

The purple markings from last week are pretty hard to wash off, so that made it easier for the nurse to find where to inflate me. 

What it’s like to be poked and inflated, I thought some might wonder. This is how it is for me – many women have very little or no feeling. I’ve always been a little sensitive. 

“Deep breath in,” I’m told. I feel a  weird dull painful tender poking feeling in the right side, then when that’s done there’s a superficial pricking pain on the left along with a stinging sensation. The left one bleeds more too. 

But then we’re done and I give the nurse some of my blog cards. She says she’ll get into it later tonight. I’m happy. 

I get home less than an hour after I left. I endured the new car smell in a silver Lexus mini-suv, again. I forget what model but it was a newer version similar to the one I discovered and loved with my first car puppy love, back in 2001. Somehow I never drove it. But now I’ve ridden in it. What a large screen it has for navigation! 

My chest is a little sore. The inflations take a lot out of me but that’s good because I’ll be less restless and maybe rest. I hope. 

Otherwise I’ll just lie here and … 

Oh, make a video. To show off the magnet the nurse gave me. I wanted to take a picture of it for my blog but now I can make video. 

Here it is on YouTube (my breast inflation demo) – Enjoy! 

Love, Miko xo 

Ps: memo to me: Look into embedding video on WordPress for iPhone. 

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