Wacky Wednesday Writing

It feels more like a landing than a launch, I said. 

He said a landing takes more skill. 

That’s a good point, I thought. 

I remember flying in a simulator on a visit to Luke Airforce Base years ago. I landed very smoothly off the runway. I thought I had aimed correctly but what I thot the runway was not. 

Well, at least it was smooth and deliberate. I wished I had confirmed the runway beforehand but not to take a fun afternoon too seriously, I saved it to dwell on later. 

But this is not a simulator. It’s not a plane. It’s a Mother Ship. 

Possibly also her small fleet. 

So landing is different – and it’s taken months to coordinate. 

Making sure we get through the atmosphere safely and land safely. 

And the cargo stays intact. Well, at least  stays out of harm’s way. The cargo is modular and unbreakable but still, it has some weight and some edges. 

Slow and steady. 

This is not easy. Especially because it’s wacky Wednesday. 

And a shape shifting cat is captain. 

Not to worry, there is a team of shape shifting cats who are actually flying this vessel. Fueled by cat naps and gourmet seafood (protein mostly), they ignore, maneuver around or climb over obstacles. 

Some say they can disappear through walls but people think that’s just in their cat dreams. Still… 

But never mind that. It’s not important really, though keeping a very open mind is. Because, as Lord Baron Dewar says, minds are like parachutes and they only function when open. 

Cat nap dreams which are really long meetings in other dimensions, are not as effective if they can’t shift freely. Not to confuse shape shifters with shifty cats. 

Attaining the open beginners mind of an open parachute is like cat carte blanch to do whatever it takes to fulfill the mission and deliver the cargo. 

Flying in the open air I could be on autopilot sometimes. Drifting to the destination. Assuring myself regularly quietly and out loud, with my best “Confucius Say” voice, 

“It matters not how fast you go, only that you do not stop.” 

The Mother Ship begins its final descent. 

Her fleet follows and watches. 


Wacky Wednesday Writing because alliteration of course. 

And also because allowing wacky now and then helps the creative process. 

I’m kinda liking what’s going on with my wacky here. 

Another infusion treatment today – and may many more goodies find their way to us in all shapes and sizes! 

Tata for now,
Miko xo 

selfie of asian woman in drivers seat smiling at dashboard.
Driving another mother ship.

By mikohargett

A rogue consciousness adjusting to her new body.

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