Life Motto: Be the person you want to meet

(From my journal.)

FuzzyKing said my life motto is:

“Be the person you want to meet.”

I keep thinking about this. What does that mean?

All kinds of people? Interesting people? Quirky?

A little bit ridiculous people, who like to laugh as much as possible, understand what it’s like to be stressed to the point of terror but also know it passes (even when it takes years haha), and dream big – so big that sometimes the world seems not enough for all the things I want to do. Greedy for life – and generous in spirit (and with heartfelt information – TMI anyone?).

I like people who look for a way even when they are stuck, who go around when they cannot go through, or through when they cannot go around, who value imagination and innovative thinking, even if they only understand a little bit – like the part of your heart that tells you it’s right, even if conventional knowledge doesn’t get you.

Artistic rebels who find adapting to new circumstances a challenge to increase agility (mentally, emotionally and even physically). Vulnerable people who know that there is enormous power in transparency and vulnerability.

People who have the same attitudes to your face as they do behind your back – people who know when talking behind someone’s back for the sake of discovery is different than talking behind someone’s back for the sake of gossip and derision.

People who love big, over and over again, and know that a shattered heart is only temporary, and pain really is weakness leaving the body – but we don’t have to get carried away with wearing our pain as our badge of honor because we are more than our struggles.

People who are human, who don’t blame but instead use their imagination to ask who, why, and how can we make it better.

People who don’t give up on the system, but find ways to be a light in the midst of a broken world, knowing that they might not be able to change it in their lifetime, but they will be the best person just in case the opportunity arises.

Who believe that chance favors the prepared mind, and so train their mind in all the ways that feel good and right and from a place of deep knowing that some people call love or faith but is really both.

People who give more value with everything they do because it comes from a place of compassion and love, that no matter what you tell us, we can see your soul and your goodness even if it was in another life.

This is the kind of person I try to be and relish meeting.

By mikohargett

A rogue consciousness adjusting to her new body.

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