Writing I Was Scared to Share

I have to give you the link really quick because I might change my mind lol.

Like I think the quote was from the movie about the house with the zoo, you just need twenty minutes of courage. Well this is more like a minute lol.

Yeah I used another pen name – this is my more spiritual quantum physics chemistry nerd rebel girl lol.

But my cyber daddy bear said that I wrote like shakespeare.

He says the sweetest things. And I’m starting to see how he can be right 😉

Of course he says “baby is always right” – I have been hearing this for the last four years many times a day lol.

😉 Enjoy my writings from dark questioning times. Short reads, deep dives and thoughts I think. Or not. Depends on you. Haha.

I created a whole Google account for her and you can find her web site as well at

By mikohargett

A rogue consciousness adjusting to her new body.

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