Problem with optimism, & my juicer 

The big problem with being an optimist is :

Not everyone takes you seriously 

But then you will probably get blamed for when reality bites them cuz they didn’t believe. 

But again, foresight is something to be pleased aboot. More prep time for me. 

So back to Panglossian perspectives … 

The masticating slow juicer is meant to help press more healthy juice because it protects the beneficial enzymes. (As opposed to centrifugal juicers.) 

This is the vonshef pro 200 watt slow juicer from Amazon 

Easy to wash 

Easy to use 

Light enough to travel with 

Looks like a kitchen monster, my room mate says.

It’s on – my vonshef against her ninja blender!

Actually I use them both – of course. 

Long live the juicers – who will probably live longer lol – let’s be friends! 

Us and our monster juicers! 😈

Thanks mom and dad for this!! 

Oh – it’s best to cut/tear the produce before insertion into this lighter model and also “lube” the chute with water if it starts grinding. 

Happy juicing. 

M xo

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