I have $4 left – well now – 1.29 for Melissa Manchester lol – and my phone bill I thot someone pays yesterday 
I get panic attacks about phone and Internet connection because I have had that cut off when people tried to control me. 
If it happens peace out – I’m not important enough to you as I am 
Pain is unreal – so is magic. 
My MacBook Pro is rebooting too and I’m trying to work on my writing services – if I get anxious working on it I just brai it more 
Needs servicing 
Ex doesn’t want to help me because I am not signing my son away – I told him just file and I will default and revisit when I am better 
Instead he puts it on his Facebook he’s divorces 
I chat with my son via Skype messenger because he doesn’t have a phone plan. $50? No? 
My medical marijuana card renewal is $190 beginning of May 
I have one training client wants to come back if i feel better for more holistic training approach – he was off pain killers after one week training with me – brachial plexus injury 
I did good right? 
Meanwhile I heard “awful” things about me – like that I was sick and just gave up 
If you think that you are partially right – as stopped clocks also are 
Not a happy mommy right now.

By mikohargett

A rogue consciousness adjusting to her new body.

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