Authors Are Funny People


Authors are funny people. Really. Some are socially awkward. We take that for granted given that they sit alone behind a keyboard for long hours and live in alternative realities. Still…

I recently participated in an authors’ fair and, to be clear, most presenters were lovely, social people. I think I just happened to be sandwiched between the um…more interesting ones. I could just see the sympathetic looks I received from other authors around the room safely ensconced behind their tables.

Book Signing Games of Berkeley

Here is a list: What Not To Do at an Authors’ Fair.

  1. Don’t hog the microphone. Seven minutes of Open Mic might be 10, but they sure ain’t 20.
  2. Don’t walk up to someone’s table and lecture them how they really must read your book, especially if it is not connected to their genre. Actually, just don’t do it.
  3. Either compliment their book covers or don’t say anything. This…

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