Authors Are Funny People

Originally posted on Elfwriter:
Authors are funny people. Really. Some are socially awkward. We take that for granted given that they sit alone behind a keyboard for long hours and live in alternative realities. Still… I recently participated in an authors’ fair and, to be clear, most presenters were lovely, social people. I think I…

In response to NYT article on trumps creditor plan 

Alright, I wanna explore this. Particularly the math.  Trump on creditors – New York Times politics article I know one of the arguments now is about how his business skill doesn’t transfer to government but should it? What does that really mean? Are we in denial lol. I have a unique perspective because I helped…

Living in a limited world (an introduction)

I started writing this blog in 2011 on another site that is now closing. So here I am complete with the past and heading into a future I am happy to share with you. I suspect like everyone else whe… Source: Living in a limited world (an introduction)