Authors Are Funny People


Authors are funny people. Really. Some are socially awkward. We take that for granted given that they sit alone behind a keyboard for long hours and live in alternative realities. Still…

I recently participated in an authors’ fair and, to be clear, most presenters were lovely, social people. I think I just happened to be sandwiched between the um…more interesting ones. I could just see the sympathetic looks I received from other authors around the room safely ensconced behind their tables.

Book Signing Games of Berkeley

Here is a list: What Not To Do at an Authors’ Fair.

  1. Don’t hog the microphone. Seven minutes of Open Mic might be 10, but they sure ain’t 20.
  2. Don’t walk up to someone’s table and lecture them how they really must read your book, especially if it is not connected to their genre. Actually, just don’t do it.
  3. Either compliment their book covers or don’t say anything. This…

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In response to NYT article on trumps creditor plan 

Alright, I wanna explore this. Particularly the math. 

Trump on creditors – New York Times politics article

I know one of the arguments now is about how his business skill doesn’t transfer to government but should it? What does that really mean? Are we in denial lol.

I have a unique perspective because I helped manage cash flow during a very fast growth period, and after disagreeing with the route taken, agreed to help redesign the business.

Many stories from this experience as a service provider and vendor for data brokers and Internet marketing campaigns that started with email marketing clients that were spammers before the can spam act of 2003.

Most of my peers had not had to manage cash flow that large with such rapid growth on a framework I have since referred to as a house of cards.

Failure is a word fear likes to use. It’s very redundant logic to me that we send quotes around about failure being required for success and then I see quotes about trumps failures.

We can go to the park and focus on the pile of poo or the nature.

And when dog owners don’t clean up the poo we can call them out and make them do it. Because, rude!! And rude is weak. No person in their place of power is focusing on the limitations except to offer a contingency for circumvention.

I like the wisdom of trumps comments about wanting to please the people. If you think he’s an egomaniac you know what they like lol.

Anyway, what’s your take on this and please original thoughts – deep dives welcome.

I’m helping everyone. I think that’s the mod responsible thing I can do because I’m very detailed about my issues and I haven’t voted yet so I’m gonna dig until my mail arrives and this is fixed.

I think they can all use some therapy or coaching – and I think putting anyone outside of yourself on a pedestal is a very risky move.

For the more religious, I like to ask – tho I extend the inquiry to all believers in a higher power, whatever form – because if nothing else we share that –

Is your God in you or outside of you – and which is more powerful, and if he/she is a parental figure who gives everything they have to their children, as the story goes, why wouldn’t he be powerful enough to live with us destroying ourselves if he is as powerful as love and love is anything like the quantum mechanics and physics scientists say it is.

Anyway – does your God know business? Math? I’d love to hear some original thoughts. I know they’re out there just as sure as I have some of my own.

– Miko Hargett

the link to the article for your convenience
Trump on creditors – New York Times politics article

Me, today. 

Living in a limited world (an introduction)

I started writing this blog in 2011 on another site that is now closing. So here I am complete with the past and heading into a future I am happy to share with you. I suspect like everyone else whe…

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