Miko for #MABWOW

I love this cause. Millionaires Against Bullying. It feels inclusive and fun. Many people still think their problems will be solved by more money. Me too. Money is awesome. From what I can see tho, it does not come from cutting corners. It comes from really loving what you do, so much that it just […]

#lovesexsensuality Repost from blogher.com 

I’m a method writer.  My causes are:  – comfort in life and death  – childhood and family development  – storytelling for change in distressed industries  – promoting more comprehensive sexual education for the public  – free education through storytelling collaborations  The sky is the limits beginning.  But that mainstream people have such an unsexy attitude […]

Meanwhile, Morning Memo 

If you don’t know the story – I recommend catching up.  Lots of great stuff going on –  But sometimes we hit rough pockets.  I love pockets. Rough, only if it’s rugged too. And hella sexy.  #emperorofmaladies  #authenticity  #breastcancer #recovery  #empaths  #closet #mystic  #comingoutofthepain