New High Mileage Message 

Here’s the cover – free copy to all who donate to my GoFundMe. 

I will announce the price later – for now this is just a teaser. 

But I will have you know – an up and coming controversial-ish author read it. 

“This book is the shit!” ~ JDP


Here’s my gofundme campaign – and if you’re interested in a rush copy, once you’ve donated please email Mikohargett at the gee mail With your gofundme donor name. 

GoFundMe Breasteses Cancer Recovery and Reconstruction 

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Yes, my authorship has pulled up its anchor and is headed out to sea. 


In my hovercraft. 

Goddess bless, 

Miko 🐉

By mikohargett

A rogue consciousness adjusting to her new body.

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