I chose silence #ticktockbangbang 

I chose my silence But tick tock
Because confession,


It’s all copulation,

Tick tock.
And when I die I’ll haunt your dreams

With my monologues,

Tick tock.

Tick tock.
My sisters will rise.

Other brothers too.

They’ll say tick tock.

They’ll say bang bang too.
Bang bang to you.
That’s the future of shame.

Maybe the present,

So tick tock

Cuz bang bang.
Maybe you are wrong,

Bang bang;

Maybe I am,

Tick tock.
But he took my celibacy

And silence

And violated me

Bang bang.
Tick tock.


Tick tock.

Bang bang, he said

I went chop chop.
They’d shoot you

He said.

Bang bang.

Tick tock.
I’ll kick you to the moon

Tick tock bang bang.
Maybe do more squats,

I thought and smirked

– but –

But bang bang.
I’ll smash your head into the wall,

He said.

I’m the dragon head he said.
Tick tock bang bang
I stole all his whippets

Tick tock

Bang bang.
I found peace and I was love

Tick tock

Bang bang

I said it too.
In my half open kimono,

Bang bang

I didn’t knock

I’m love,

I said
And bang bang

Tick tock.
I shook while the nitrous filled my sadness

If I can breathe until the next breath
Oh well worst case –

Bang bang.
They holds no hopes for us here

Bang bang.
They said I was Dexter.

A dark passenger.

That when I reincarnated

I’d be a beggar,

Bang bang.
What’s wrong with a beggar?

Tick tock.
Cull the herd.

Bang bang.


By mikohargett

A rogue consciousness adjusting to her new body.

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