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He threw a chair towards me A stool. 

Bang bang. 
But it wouldn’t leave his hands. 

I froze his time. 

Bang bang. 
There was the institution to my left, off in the distance. 
It was 1997. 

Tick tock. 

Bang bang. 
It was green and cold and warm and the scent of a million screams that were gone now but not. 
I heard them say we died 

But we lived. 

And they shamed us 

Because tick tock 

Bang bang. 
Who has time to love, 

Bang bang? 
Cull the herd. 

Bang bang. 
Natural selection. 

Bang bang.
But the meek inherit the earth. 

Cuz their hands are free

And their hearts… 
Bang bang. 
Oh what have we here?! 
A martyr, a saint 

A suffering skin tent 

We know better now. 
Cuz hindsight. 

Tick tock. 

Bang bang. 





By mikohargett

A rogue consciousness adjusting to her new body.

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