Crookedly Profound Harmony with Miko

Many of you know the plan is, like life, a crookedly profound harmony.

It is a magical storytelling circle that is going on at all times. It’s like a poem or a prayer – if you like, but something that comes from the heart primarily.

Then maybe the mind can help too.

We read stories everywhere. We hear them all the time. We listen to some we like. We remember even fewer. We remember the ones that touch us where we feel joy.

So in times of challenge – or ease – what if we could write our future? What if we were in charge and had the power to imagine something outrageous and realistic,

Then why not use the storytelling framework to tell new stories? The ones that are not past or future but are just the ones we love to tell. The ones that make our hearts swell.

The ones that are not about past or future but are just the ones we love to tell. The ones that make our hearts swell just to tell.

Some people like to hold a book. Some like to hold a device. Some people go back and forth.

But everyone has at least one story they like or don’t like.

Stories for everyone, all mediums. Everyone should have a chance to share the stories that light them up. No matter what language. Angry Birds was an amazing testament to that, being a super popular game with picture instructions.

What about my own story though? I feel like it’s best to share solutions that I have taken for a spin myself, because then I know I have tested them rigorously.

So as some of you know, I decided to start exploring this idea under many pen names (pseudonyms) and characters. The reason being, we are so multifaceted and I don’t think we get to express those sides of ourselves very much. How could we if there’s no framework for us to feel safe being the other sides of us, much less encouragement to explore what is outside of the realm of normalcy?

Story Characters, Streams of Consciousness, Kindness on Tumblr

An important part of any story is its characters.

Who is telling the story? Why? For now, Miko Hargett is. On my Facebook, a little other stuff leaks out. I have other buckets for my other categories of crazy online.

Sometimes I forget that I am writing a story at all and I just live it – this is me, being the story of me. It’s hard, being that we are all about doing.

Writing can bridge the gap between being and doing, and let me remind you again I am all about stream of consciousness* as a way of exploring things that really challenge us – like myself. ūüėČ

* stream of consciousness: 

In literary criticism, stream of consciousness, also known as interior monologue, is a narrative mode or device that depicts the multitudinous thoughts and feelings which pass through the mind. ( From 


On Facebook primarily, but also on Twitter when Facebook gets slow – I share thoughts that pop into my head because technology allows that to be enough to communicate and connect with someone.

The Interwebs, as I like to call the Internet and World Wide Web, is like a humongous brain that we are all tapped into.

This is an incredible resource that we have created in spite of our other skirmishes with life – to create goodness.

Since I was 15 and I learned about James Joyce’ Ulysses – I loved the concept. Virgina Woolf’s writing too. With all I have been through the last few years and then this year especially with cancer recovery – my brain doesn’t recall things that are not critical to healing. Interesting, isn’t it?

With all I have been through the last few years and then this year especially with cancer recovery – my brain doesn’t recall things that are not critical to healing. Interesting, isn’t it?

This means it is very challenging to focus. My body rejects things that are not “critical” – even stress vibes.

But it also means that following my mind around as I share what is on it, on the Interwebs, means that when people I knew didn’t know how to help me, there were people on the Interwebs that did.

Years ago I found encouragement and comfort on and Once I posted a selfie of me that said,

Will you love me with my dark side? Lyrics from Kelly Clarkson I think.

Someone responded,

Because of it. 

I could sleep.

So is a good place for love and hopeless places – but also for crookedly profound fun that comes from the heart’s depths and the mind’s heights.

Sharing Socially …

After all that backstory, this is how my crookedly profound harmony moment finally came about.

It’s been two weeks since I posted here.¬†I clicked on the Sharing section to make sure I am still sharing my pearls with appropriate networks.

  • – yes but only publish to my Miko Hargett page. Check.
  • – yes because Twitter can get moving. It’s data-rich and the Tweethearts are used to processing information quickly. It’s easy going and super useful.
  • Google Plus – Of course!
  • Tumblr. Screeech. Do I need another digital asset? Really? Tumblr is super cool though, they are about freedom of speech and being classy about it. It’s a great way to share neat information and feel cool about it. Haha.

Done. So I began the easy peasy Tumblr¬†prompts to getting started. I figure I’m going to go with Miko Hargett of course, because branding, etc.

But then tumblr¬†offers a list of usernames that I can change at any time…

Dun dun dun! Self expression! What sort of suggestions do we have here…


Tumblr knows me so well.

Done! Hahaha. is now live and connected to my and Twitter and also my blog. Feel free to follow and tumblr with me.

More, more, more soon

Next story coming to you eventually …

Crossing Last Night’s Bloat Moat¬†

A story about feeling bloated while on a bunch of medications and why it matters. 





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