The Miko Show & Twitter is a Digital Narnia 

Twitter is totally like Narnia - amazing stuff goes on with that stream of consciousness. 😜😎🙅🏻  Beneath the surface of course. Beneath the people yelling about their products on a pattern that is very robotic  It's great for role play therapy and healing - data rich environment  Fast moving - laser focus is critical  Or … Continue reading The Miko Show & Twitter is a Digital Narnia 

Fun Bag Friday Returns #breastcancerawareness

Yep, for those of you who remember the Fun Bag Friday's - when I would get 50ccs of saline at a time in my temporary tissue expanders.  Today, we schedule the surgery to put the implants in - and take out the expanders. Of course not in that order.  And here is me.  Love this … Continue reading Fun Bag Friday Returns #breastcancerawareness

New High Mileage Message 

Here's the cover - free copy to all who donate to my GoFundMe.  I will announce the price later - for now this is just a teaser.  But I will have you know - an up and coming controversial-ish author read it.  "This book is the shit!" ~ JDP Yep.  Here's my gofundme campaign - … Continue reading New High Mileage Message