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I’m a method writer. 

My causes are: 

– comfort in life and death 

– childhood and family development 

– storytelling for change in distressed industries 

– promoting more comprehensive sexual education for the public 

– free education through storytelling collaborations 

The sky is the limits beginning. 

But that mainstream people have such an unsexy attitude about sex cannot help the world our children are growing up in. 

Research tantric sexuality – it’s not all ugly prawnography – 

But it’s hard to know those gems when the media doesn’t tell us. 😎 

I wrote this under my adult entertainment persona. 

I wish I’d gone into the industry in a better way. But it was the best thing to happen at the time. 

They saved my life. 

Love, sex and sensuality featured on


Meanwhile, Morning Memo 

If you don’t know the story – I recommend catching up. 

Lots of great stuff going on – 

But sometimes we hit rough pockets. 

I love pockets. Rough, only if it’s rugged too. And hella sexy. 



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The Miko Show & Twitter is a Digital Narnia 

Twitter is totally like Narnia – amazing stuff goes on with that stream of consciousness. 😜😎🙅🏻 
Beneath the surface of course. Beneath the people yelling about their products on a pattern that is very robotic 
It’s great for role play therapy and healing – data rich environment 
Fast moving – laser focus is critical 
Or you can just be a satyr running around talking to other creatures. 
Welcome to the Miko Show 
All kinds of all things 
PS – I think the new Miko studies dance therapy and actuarial science 
Keep me out of trouble 😋 

My online bookstore is almost done. And on a tenth of the budget too!! 

Because I am that amazing 💖🙅🏻😎🎗 

More on that soon! 
All at the Miko show 
Where we do raw like nobody else. 

Yes ma’am. 
Love those bold women. 

Ok – the Miko show. 

Coming near you like a year ago 

But now it’s official. 


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Fun Bag Friday Returns #breastcancerawareness

Yep, for those of you who remember the Fun Bag Friday’s – when I would get 50ccs of saline at a time in my temporary tissue expanders. 

Today, we schedule the surgery to put the implants in – and take out the expanders. Of course not in that order. 

And here is me. 

Love this cap from Amazon. 

Sure it’s “linty” but it’s comfy and stylish for almost all my occasions. 

If you are looking for a (chemo) cap, I super recommend it. 

Like super duper recommend it. 

Any Womens newsboy cap will do I imagine – unfortunately the link to this exact one is gone. 


I’ll keep ya posted on the future of the “fun bags”. 😋🙅🏻 



New High Mileage Message 

Here’s the cover – free copy to all who donate to my GoFundMe. 

I will announce the price later – for now this is just a teaser. 

But I will have you know – an up and coming controversial-ish author read it. 

“This book is the shit!” ~ JDP


Here’s my gofundme campaign – and if you’re interested in a rush copy, once you’ve donated please email Mikohargett at the gee mail With your gofundme donor name. 

GoFundMe Breasteses Cancer Recovery and Reconstruction 

Subscribe to hear more. 

Yes, my authorship has pulled up its anchor and is headed out to sea. 


In my hovercraft. 

Goddess bless, 

Miko 🐉