End of An Era, Breast Cancer Recovery, NaNoWriMo, Hallowed Winter

Yes, it is all that and more. And bye bye too.  I will become a B cup by the end of the week. Or something much smaller. Losing 70% tatas to make way for radiation. I think my back will be relieved. I’m carrying hard plastic with magnets and saline in my chest right now. Permanent implants are several months off still until I heal from radiation. 

Hello Everyone,

Good Monday!
It is the last day of breast cancer awareness month!
I hope you all enjoyed your Halloweenisms – or those who don’t do that abominable wicked holiday …
I hope you enjoyed the Harvest! I love the Harvest too. I love it all, really. There’s almost always something to love about any time of the year. Even some things coming to an end can be a relief tantamount to love.
There have been years I called the dress-up time of Halloween, Hallowiener but I don’t even like hot dogs that much, so it didn’t stick.
But maybe Hollow Winter. Hallowed Winter? Hmmmmm.
And I have been practicing a new song that is going to be part of my novel I think. You never know until it’s published what can happen, but I’m very excited about this direction.
And I wanted to share it first on Facebook although now I am thinking maybe the next one goes on WordPress.
It’s just easier to write knowing someone is going to read it and my regular content / development proofreader is at the doctor and I just can’t wait.
Maybe I will do a YouTube live in honor of the last day of breast cancer awareness month – talk about things like:
~ My conversion from being a “pantser” (one who goes it by the seat of their pants metaphorically) to a “plotter” – outlining my insane idea of a story and
~ Most importantly, show off my awesome outfit of the day.
PS: Dear Reader Friend,
If you would buy me an espresso macchiato, or a Cafe Americano grande with room for cream and the holiday cranberry blissbar from Starbucks – or really any artsy coffee place like Mad House or Coffee Beanery, Gloria Jeans, etc., please consider donating to my GoFundMe. I am working on freelancing and setting up Patreon with my artist visions, but the healing is a lot for me right now – and writing my novels, blog posts and Facebooking a book (because repurposing content!) is helping me get through it and set up my life to start all over. Oh then radiation is coming for seven weeks and they said it will be gentle, but sometimes I swear my cells are contrarians. That can be good but I am anticipating a lot of rest and quiet time and writing like I’ve never written before. 
I will include thanks to any donor who wants it, in a publication of your choice during this time. I will ask you first of course what name or if you’d like to be anonymous. Love those mysterious angels investing in me. Thank you all. 
Thank you for reading and sticking with me here – I plan to pay it forward in big enough HEAPS that everyone gets more than enough to share. I know, that’s a pretty tall order. Like I said, big heaps … 😀 
Your donations help! My GoFundMe link be here.
Me in 2014, taken with PhotoBooth on my Macbook Pro – a vintage model, 2010.
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My Breast Cancer Recovery GoFundMe

Last year in the throes of early chemo treatment for HER2+ invasive ductal carcinoma. We have come a long way since…

It has been a lot to juggle. My writer self is returning after much practice on Facebook during this time I figure out my energy and new way of being.

I may be ambitious attempting #nanowrimo this year with pending radiation treatment, sure. But it feels right to forge ahead in the spirit of at least showing up and giving it my best shot.

Here is another request for a boost to my GoFundMe campaign. Meaning, I could use some money please! 🙂

Link to my GoFundMe YouTube video request

I am only at 12% of my goal and while I have been fortunate to have help from good friends during this time – I am still way shy of my goal.  The minimum donation is $5 – of course if you can give more I am extremely grateful for that as well!

Also please feel free to share. 🙂

~ M xoxo

nanowrimo writing

#nanowrimo starts in 7 days…

img_5351This year I am doing some new things. I feel finally ready to embrace plotting over pantsing. Organizing my work ahead of time over winging it and letting the story unfold as I write.

Last few years my mind has resembled more a herd of wild horses following the thunderous bellows of an unseen dragon.

To me, this is not a call for plodding, but for pantsing. And so I heeded the call and ran like the horses and the gusty wind. Well, my fingers did.

I found my plodding role model in Darynda Jones, New York Times best selling author and earner of other grand awards such as the Golden Heart and RITA. Phenomenal approach. I #nanowrimo webinar with Reedsy on Youtube.

I am now a ploooooooottttter! 

Also because while I have been writing and drawing for close to 4 decades – or since I could hold a pencil – or perhaps it was chopsticks! – I feel that the breast cancer and chemo and other challenges I invited into my life may have rebooted me into a serious beginner’s mind like I have not known before.

BYE BYE OLD STORY PLAN! I decided to toss out my whole old story idea that many of you know I have been holding close to my heart and conversations for many years. (My mind and heart and mouth are connected beyond reason sometimes – another conversation for another time).

The reason being, sometimes those blankies and narratives become too small – or perhaps even too smelly for the wash – and they just need to get burned up so something else can replace them. Something bigger, better, warmer, cooler, more perfect for now.

Yep, bye bye old idea and old plan. You were born to die. Thank you for what you did for me.

More questions. Along with that, last night I questioned whether novel writing was even a good idea for me. I have toyed more with the idea of adding novel techniques to non-fiction and documentation in a way that makes for better user engagement, etc. Maybe later.

But after discussing with a good writerly friend – sweet fiction seemed the way to go. Yep, not sure you will ever hear my full story as an autobiography. It’s just not very Geminian really – in my recent discoveries and maybe part of the reason I had so much resistance to it.

As soon as I decided on that, my mindset completely changed into one I felt at peace with.

And that, is always my goal as a writer. Whatever story I tell, whatever message I share or communicate for myself (or others as a ghost writer or communication consultant), I want to develop the right mindset and heart space so that the words take on a life of their own and lead the readers into a new world that enhances the one that they live in.

Other preparations such as food, personal care, simple as possible for me please. I am glad that I have fingers to type, a soul that writes, and a mind that is okay with changing – beyond okay actually, I embrace it.

And that’s where I’m at with my prep for #nanowrimo2016!

Sketching ideas before digitizing makes planning digital experience a tactile experience!

October Theme #nanowrimo #preptime

This month I will be preparing for November’s National Novel Writing Month.

Also known as #nanowrimo.

We call ourselves rhinos.

Fifty thousand words in a month to win.

If I participate this year, it will be my fourth year.

Twice I have won. The first time I just showed up. I think I did approximately 13,000 words but perhaps not quite.

Last year I did it during the final weeks of chemo.

And where are these novels now?

What an excellent question.



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