End of An Era, Breast Cancer Recovery, NaNoWriMo, Hallowed Winter

Yes, it is all that and more. And bye bye too.  I will become a B cup by the end of the week. Or something much smaller. Losing 70% tatas to make way for radiation. I think my back will be relieved. I'm carrying hard plastic with magnets and saline in my chest right now. Permanent … Continue reading End of An Era, Breast Cancer Recovery, NaNoWriMo, Hallowed Winter

My Breast Cancer Recovery GoFundMe

It has been a lot to juggle. My writer self is returning after much practice on Facebook during this time I figure out my energy and new way of being. I may be ambitious attempting #nanowrimo this year with pending radiation treatment, sure. But it feels right to forge ahead in the spirit of at … Continue reading My Breast Cancer Recovery GoFundMe

#nanowrimo starts in 7 days…

This year I am doing some new things. I feel finally ready to embrace plotting over pantsing. Organizing my work ahead of time over winging it and letting the story unfold as I write. Last few years my mind has resembled more a herd of wild horses following the thunderous bellows of an unseen dragon. … Continue reading #nanowrimo starts in 7 days…

October Theme #nanowrimo #preptime

This month I will be preparing for November's National Novel Writing Month. Also known as #nanowrimo. We call ourselves rhinos. Fifty thousand words in a month to win. If I participate this year, it will be my fourth year. Twice I have won. The first time I just showed up. I think I did approximately … Continue reading October Theme #nanowrimo #preptime