If You Choose an Awakened Woman~

This came across my Facebook feed today and reminded me about the state of sex these days and courting ~ romance even ~ tantra …

It’s a big topic and one I am still working on ~ but our culture’s sexuality I think could use some inspiration.

Why not imagine a better experience, I figured. And then I started having better experiences …

Who are we as women? Work horses competing with men? It seems ridiculous to me considering our biological differences – and how nice they are –

How much more intricate and nuanced our differences – and how much more mysterious, beautiful, and intelligent.

An awakened woman – I wouldn’t call myself an awakened woman because it seems a bit presumptuous but Lord knows I’ve had some rude awakenings in life lol – and God help me if I have not wokened up yet after all these proverbial mac trucks have hit me. 🙂


I love a man who sees beyond the physical but still appreciates it in a unique and respectful way. To me the mind has so much more wonder to offer … but the body is pretty damn amazing.

Enjoy the below – please let me know your thoughts.


Source: If You Choose an Awakened Woman~

By mikohargett

A rogue consciousness adjusting to her new body.

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