Stories, Coming to Life

Miko as Queen of the World

I am loving @novelicious #Poetry became a private place where I could let my daydreams—and my pain—come in completely disguised. James Tate#writing#book#poem Bach — Novelicious (@noveliciouss) September 17, 2017 But where is that beautiful picture by Alexander Bach? I was hoping it would be displayed here. Well, you can click on the link up … Continue reading Stories, Coming to Life

Ahahaha – Here we go! #draft1 #authors #jamesjoyce #tribute #mynovel #preface

Miko as Queen of the World

(Titles are ridiculous these days. I'm like who is writing this, four year olds would make more sense. So you can see my reticence about working in that environment. It's basically against my religion.)  I am so accidentally cool, lol. I got that from Happy Feet. But I am not only accidentally cool. I am also … Continue reading Ahahaha – Here we go! #draft1 #authors #jamesjoyce #tribute #mynovel #preface

Saturday Slump or No? You Decide #breastcancer #fireblood #chemobrain

#breastcancer #recovery #reconstruction #politics #depression #rage #nausea #fireblood #chemobrain Very sick to my stomach today. I am great deep inside but my body has been through hell. I do not know right now how to honor it besides sleeping when I can and eating what I can. I feel beyond exhausted. All the caring and … Continue reading Saturday Slump or No? You Decide #breastcancer #fireblood #chemobrain

Onward and Upward, Survivor

I yelled in my dream. Growled even. He claimed to be the victim even while he victimized. Intentionally. I felt trapped. I was tough. But my heart was made of blood and love, not peanut butter. Still, when I have bad dreams and stressful nights I notice my fasting blood sugar goes up. 120 this … Continue reading Onward and Upward, Survivor

Woo-hoo Writers & WordPress Community!

  Pictures soon! But first a recap: I have been spending most of my writing time on Facebook during my breast cancer recovery. It helped me develop the writer in me, in a space that was easy to use and had a high level of engagement. Ew, that sounds so metric-y. 😉 There are some … Continue reading Woo-hoo Writers & WordPress Community!