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Pictures soon! But first a recap:

I have been spending most of my writing time on Facebook during my breast cancer recovery. It helped me develop the writer in me, in a space that was easy to use and had a high level of engagement. Ew, that sounds so metric-y. 😉

There are some conversations I would like to continue having – about things that matter to me about this amazing world we live in, like the preservation and expansion of what is good and beautiful, gentle, true, strong and curious.

There are stories that have not yet been told. Stories that don’t even know they are stories yet. Stories in the tissues of your body. Imaginations there is no way we can indulge with the bombardment of our attention through every insidious means available.

So maybe it’s time for me to share some stories in a new way. I’ve always loved and Tumblr. Self hosted is fine but when you really want to get clear on content, is a great choice with an awesome community – in my experience of course.

Tomorrow starts a new journey. I hope others will join me as we lift each other up in soul and spirit; it’s how we pick our bodies and lives up from the stumbles.

Today, I do what I can to prepare me for a better life performance tomorrow.

“Good, better, best; never let it rest; till your good is better, and your better best!”

If you are economically-minded, here is my latest no ‘poo Facebook post, inspired by this article about DIY Shampoo on Mind Body Green.   

#economical #organic #nopoo

Back to baking soda ‘poo and apple cider vinegar conditioner.

Interestingly, sham-poo has “sham” in it. 😛

The only sham I like is the pillowy kind.

It’s also funny that it’s called no poo, especially when I am all about the coffee enemas and stuff.

Language is fun.

Helicopter Bacteria is not!

Mentally, emotionally, I feel new. Happy to say I even started an actuarial science open course this weekend to understand more about insurance and healthcare as I look into my own transition from Medicaid going forward.

Clarity of numbers. Peaceful and still creative.

Physically, nausea comes in waves, especially when I don’t take breaks in time. Getting more organized again and learning to stop before I feel bad.

I certainly need to get in better shape but I am big time grateful for how far I have come. Thinking of going to one bigger meal, wim hoff breathing, and bone / organic wheat grass broth. Who knows though, I feel rapid changes – and I still tend to overburden myself which slows me down and hurts.

I am learning. Tomorrow, a new week.

I noted based on the forms I have filled out for assistance, that the word poverty is used. How far under the poverty line one is, etc. I’ll look those up again.

But as Coco Chanel once said, poverty is not the opposite of luxury; vulgarity is.

Or something like that. Quoting from memory.

I love luxury. Soft, durable, lovely things. Furry things. The luxury of stopping time in its track to remember that deep inside of me and thee, there is the start of an ocean of love, mystery and adventure.

I am just about there – and I know it’s not good politics to discuss strategy when you don’t know who all is really in your corner …

But that’s I think more along the lines of the art of war. I am more about the art of raw. 🙂

I feel like I am enough. Breathing in gratitude, breathing out gratitude.

Have a wonderful week. xx

By mikohargett

A rogue consciousness adjusting to her new body.

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