Ahahaha – Here we go! #draft1 #authors #jamesjoyce #tribute #mynovel #preface

(Titles are ridiculous these days. I’m like who is writing this, four year olds would make more sense. So you can see my reticence about working in that environment. It’s basically against my religion.) 

I am so accidentally cool, lol. I got that from Happy Feet.

But I am not only accidentally cool. I am also many other things.

I’m celebrating with a post on my blog now that I am sort of breaking up with Facebook or at least changing the terms of our endearment. Lol.

I am also celebrating that I am celebrating with a post.

What else do I have to celebrate?

Coming across the Cancer Ward by Alexander Solzhenitsyn (thank goodness for Grammarly lol).

Especially because I had come across it just after my diagnosis. The cordycep mushrooms. I immediately bought some of that tea at Sprouts. I thought the faeries probably showed it to me. Usually I just call them magic.

So that’s like full circle on that experience.

Also the format I found it in this time is mega perfect. Does this make me superstitious? Is this serendipitous?

More on that later. Formats, superstition and serendipity! #addtolist

Also add to the #makelist … darnit I forgot.

Please feel free to join me as I explore other worlds and options that others have not yet considered perhaps – or at least that I have yet to hear of except in my own mind.

Actually I don’t hear with my mind or in my mind usually maybe. But sometimes I think I have synthesia – or did, actually. I then decided it was probably a mild case and I didn’t care anyway. Most things don’t make sense to me – just kidding. I mean people.

Things are all fine until suddenly I’m like “What!!!!!” inside. And I am speechless.

Stupid me.

If you enjoy this or want to help me get my head straight, please consider donating to my current gofundme campaign!  

And stay tuned for my own market with all the products I use to recover and rehabilitate my mind and body.

I’m also thinking Events.

Here we go!

By mikohargett

A rogue consciousness adjusting to her new body.

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