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I am loving @novelicious

But where is that beautiful picture by Alexander Bach? I was hoping it would be displayed here. Well, you can click on the link up there or somewhere after the period or “full stop” as I remember the British say.

Beautiful, no? I love tutus and books. I have a black tutu.

Oh right, back to writing my book by hand and doodle. I’m feeling purist.

And I am alive, very much alive.

A walking story of stories. Excuse me, a two-legged story taking a walk through life. Maybe I should take a  hike in a book! Like that picture.

I’m developing my own voice always. I’m quite sure there isn’t one exactly like it. Like snowflakes. I used to cut snowflakes out a lot, even when I was getting lectured for something. Snip, snip, snip and you make a pattern.

If you’d like to join me in promoting the benefits of storytelling in life and business, I don’t mess around – even when it looks like I am. I am embracing the mess and making the mundane magic so I can heal.

I would like as my gift to make this experience easier for others than I have had it myself, and in the meantime get back on my feet with the support of a world who shares my love of humanity. I am laser focused on accessing health for myself as a mother and I know I am not alone.

I have the gift of communications, writing and insight from years of out of the box thinking and experiences. I believe in self-evident truth and encouraging strong individuality as a baseline.

Here is my current GoFundMe campaign.

Thank you for sharing this reality with me.

The featured image is me at a lake in Texas. Grapevine comes to mind. I took a selfie and messaged it. “I am the Queen of the world!” A true Titanic moment.

“I am the Queen of the world!” A true Titanic moment.

“You are,” my Messenger replied.

I had no response.



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A rogue consciousness adjusting to her new body.

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