Deep Unconditional Love – Chain Reaction of Healing

It’s time to acknowledge that in order to fall deeply in love, we must know how to love ourselves deeply and unconditionally.

When we surrender to the messy, “quirky”, “ugly” moments, because we are privileged to experience them and express how they bring us life,

Then we can cry all the tears that never reached the surface, we can love parts of us that we hoped someone else would love.

And when we do that we start a chain reaction of healing.

We become whole again, to ourselves.

It’s disorienting at first, but we adapt like we always do.

And we settle into the divine skin that houses our soul.

Not even our lovers get to be us. The more we are who we enjoy being, around everyone, the more we can fall in love with ourselves.

Then the people who like to love in that way will find us, and we will find them.

Miko Hargett

Written 06/22/2016

#love #healing


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