Bringing the Moon to Mikoopolis

First of all, Welcome to Mikoopolis. I would say I was over the moon to have you but I'm not sure we have a moon now that I think of it. So I decided to change that. "So let it be written, so let it be done." I think that was from Quo Vadis or … Continue reading Bringing the Moon to Mikoopolis

Looks Like A Fail

On my last minute GoFundMe for Bulletproof Coaching Training. And two day financial transformation leap of crazy faith. Contrast provides clarity. But great success on my own paradigm shift. Something better will come along. I'm actually delighted with the present moment as it is. And that is really the goal. I believed in myself. I … Continue reading Looks Like A Fail

Saturday Opportunity ~ Bulletproof Coaching Quantum Leap

Unusual request I know! Last day too! But who's inspired by the usual? Unconventional, risky (for me maybe), but so is life! So is chemo! So is radiation and major surgery. My heart said go and so did my body. Thank you for you. Please help me if you can and if not please share. … Continue reading Saturday Opportunity ~ Bulletproof Coaching Quantum Leap

Free Writing Friday – Thanks

It's 8:00pm, pacific time. Not that time matters as much as we think it does. But 8 is a good number - infinity, prosperity, my birthday. Most importantly, it is still Friday on both east and west coasts, making this very much a free writing Friday. Who cares about all that? I do. My freedom, … Continue reading Free Writing Friday – Thanks

Reading, Reflecting, Resonating

I thought I was myself. But then I tried to move forward. Don’t you just have to decide to? Part of me had fallen into the void - and the other parts were scattered. Maybe in the ethers. My emotional body shattered but still connected. I felt drenched in doubt, fear, a terror that held … Continue reading Reading, Reflecting, Resonating