Bringing the Moon to Mikoopolis

First of all,

Welcome to Mikoopolis.

I would say I was over the moon to have you but I’m not sure we have a moon now that I think of it.

So I decided to change that.

“So let it be written, so let it be done.”

I think that was from Quo Vadis or Ten Commandments or some movie from the super Before Time.

I could google it but I’m doing WordPress right now, and doing some free writing practice.

The moon story was my way of declaring I will be paying a lot more attention to the moon going forward. By installing one in Mikoopolis because hello, we too need a nightlight. And I spend a lot of time there, it’s like my challenge lab in inner space.

I know there’s apps for the moon. I could probably use Google calendar too.

(May I say I was very inspired at my reflection in today’s yoga outfit – a bright pink Victoria Secret exercise top that is like soft armor lol – and a pair of cool boy short style swim shorts with the ruched (?) sides. Very cute. Big like super cool grannie panties. Picture soon when I can get up lol.)

But the point is m-o-o-n. I need to pay attention to my body and mind and heart in a new way. The moon is perfect. Moon also represents subconscious and intuition. Moooooooooon.

Let me rewind and tangent a bit. M-o-o-n.

A reference to the movie The Stand. While we’re on the topic, lol, I archived all interest in Stephen King and writing when they wrote that letter to Trump, all 600 of them writers, using the word “demagoguery” which is pretty snobbish as if a demagogue would even care. That still makes me laugh.

But I am the real ignorant because that was all I heard and that was more than enough to set me off. I promptly declared myself not a writer and poured out my and other souls thoughts on Facebook instead of book form especially after being asked to tone things down on said Facebook. Toning myself down was what almost killed me. Have a little faith in me. Sniff.

Bad Miko for being so wasteful with words. Or maybe not. Sometimes counterintuitive intelligence is more beneficial. I went where the people were. I needed people. Love. In survival mode love is essential. We gather on networks to find it – business is love too, sometimes it’s scanty but a lot of people give great heart in business. And personal fun loving love, we love it. No matter what we say.

People need love to live well. We can survive without a roof clearly – but the demotion of love as a theme to explore is the real issue.

If you don’t think so, I think you don’t get the intelligence that love brings.

If corporations had an actual heart they would be all over love. Aren’t corporations legal entities? What if they’re the bad AI – made up of money and power and people and stuff but no heart. Bad news. Oh like we have now! Lots of bad news. Ugh. It’s sad but we can do better by thinking how our personal love quotient is doing. Low priority? Yah often so.

Love. That four letter word. I like saying that. Maybe it could be the title of something.

We have such a poor example of love and connection with the disgraceful money mongering and thievery that goes on from all sorts of situations. I wish people in so-called power would realize how dumb and ugly arrogance is.

There’s a lot of wonder in the world that I would like to feel with my skin. But I escaped to mikoopolis yet again where I hid in my own head until I realized I could write myself out of there. In other words I could change my story.

It’s not easy to change some stories. They are passed down for generations. Your very cells will Rebel against your will, even a strong will like mine.

Thing is stories will always change. What’s important is the feeling in our body about what we’re doing. Being in our head makes it difficult to truly feel. Addressing feelings is important for telling a new story.

Feeling is healing, a wise doctor once told me.

Speaking of feeling, I’m writing on my iPhone while lying on my stomach, fat pillow under said stomach, cuz my tatas be tight. My tight arse neck and shoulders could use a massage cuz I am getting a lot of upper body work on crutches. It’s a lot but god it’s good to be alive and in my body.

Thanks for reading my Saturday night free writing flow. Perhaps today is the day I feel like a blogger. Usually I feel like an impostor. lol.

There is now a moon in mikoopolis. Maybe we’ll even have three.

Promised pic below since I have to get up from my spot anyway lol.

I’m pretty happy in my skin and I still have mikoopolis, the mental inner space lab of mine. Good stuff.

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By mikohargett

A rogue consciousness adjusting to her new body.

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