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Image & Words: Miko Hargett

I’m still too frightened to put novelist as a bio even though I have written more than one novel, have several drafts in the works, including some in a magical factory in Mikoopolis.

But I feel ok with using author now. Even when I’m being my worst enemy I can still agree that I could call myself the Author of my confusion and be truthful to myself. Accountability plus plus. Haha. Plus magic can happen in chaos just fine.

Author of what else though?

A tiny ebook called Hope’s Hammock when I was trying on the author name Maria Miko Faith. Later she got turned into a witch banished to a account to hopefully one day frolic with IBM’s fractal blog. 😉

Another tiny ebook called If God Was My Daddy where I write from a child’s heart ♥️ the best I can.

I am serious about inner child work and creative writing to get through difficult times and preserve some sweetness even if sometimes it’s bittersweet like dark chocolate or cacao nibs.

Those two need new covers and probably a new author name. And another read at least by me. Fresh eyes.

Also, I’m the author of this reading experience.

– M

PS: PSA maybe 😉 Doubt from outside sources makes my chest burn. I’m learning to process that sensation better. #obstacleisthepath #sozen

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