I’d rather dance with fire #freewriting

It’s 3:33pm and she takes a screenshot to record the time.

I’m writing dangerously again, if that means expecting the first draft to be publish ready. Because free writing.


I asked google home to play fireplace sounds but it played some jazz I think. I love the rain and waterfall sounds google home plays. It was a gift. I love practical gifts.

I also I am the proud owner of a futon which I’m lying on now as I write this by pointing and touching letters on my iPhone. #futonwarrior

(I just caught an anxiety race across my mind! Shoo lol. Oh never mind, I won’t resist you lol. What were you?)

So I’m free writing daily unless resting through the transition from breast cancer treatment which took forever like many things do that are a big gift like life.

What’s free writing? To me it’s writing to work through whatever my mind needs to work through. It’s not editing. But sometimes I do. Sometimes I catch myself doing it. Oh well.

Why free writing? Because it helps me focus my thoughts and work through challenges.

Working through things.

I don’t think it’s a luxury to work through things. It’s an imbalance notification when something is off inside. When we put it off it still demands its time like a serious illness. I’m determined to be thorough in my recovery. I still sense a defensiveness in me, I still push but I remind myself it’s much better than it was. I’m much better.

Incidentally, writing is also what I choose to do as my livelihood. It may seem physically easy to a non writer but it comes with its own beasts. It’s an amazing profession though. Especially now where typewriters are smaller and we can travel around and say almost anything we want compared to other times.

One can travel and eat all kinds of cuisines, talk and adventure with all kinds of people. Write on cruises and feel the energy of other places. And sit in a cozy place with warm lighting and dream up stuff that makes life feel a lot better even for a minute.

But I need a lot of physical rest sometimes and I can write in bursts lying down but it’s easier when it’s a topic I know by heart.

Yeah. I can power nap on that.

And dream I’m dancing with fire. Or playing with it

– m

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