Morning Bedhead, AM Practice – Hello Gorgeous!! #selfies

I love the morning selfie – a mirror and a camera. As my grandma told me to say in the mirror (in her fun voice), “Hello goh-geous!”

It’s especially fun to enjoy my wild mane morning time.

(Inner critic: you finished chemo in 2015, you should be over it. )

Me: fun is fun fool! #wheresthelove

Beautiful, wild, glorious mane! Meet my bedhead!

Morning Hair Selfie! Hello Gorgeous!
Hair updates – way past chemo beautiful and bald.

I got inspired to take some square photos and tell you about my morning practice.

Mystic morning vibes! My AM practice. Text version below.

Mystic Morning Vibes - AM practice
Morning routine / practice.

AM Practice

  • Mental body scan – what’s going on with my body today?
  • Mood and dream check – how am I feeling? What dreams do I remember?
  • Warm water – with quality salt and/or essential oils FIRST before food
  • Protein breakfast – I try 15-20-30 grams depending on how my stomach is. Healthy fats too.
  • Mirror work, meditation – take a moment to appreciate.
  • Stats check – tech stuff.
  • Hey Google, play happy music. Or meditation music. Celtic meditation.
  • Dance. Stretch. Rest. Lately seated dancing. Stretch as body asks, animal style. Rest…. tough but I stare my mind and body down as a form of meditation.

For your convenience, ingredients will be listed soon on my mikomart Page.

If I feel like changing it up some mornings I do. #flexible #fluid


– Miko

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By mikohargett

A rogue consciousness adjusting to her new body.

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Your photo of two years old in Japan is absolute cutie. You got the dress I got from Philippines! I’m so happy you r kicking n holding on! Keep moving, moving n when there is time to rest, rest n rest. Our body usually tells us that.
Love, okasan

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