Mystical Monday – A Dark Night’s Promise

Mundane moments all,

Can fit magic inside them –

Is time magic then? – Miko Hargett

A dark night’s promise.

I found a quiet serenity in such solitude. There are places so dark only some warriors will go.

I was one of those warriors. The plain clothed goddess of my feasts and famines, wielder of wicked truths sheathed in humor and metaphor.

Sometimes I was the darkness. I became my shadows.

Then I became love and I tested myself.

I held myself in the world’s grasp and let myself dream of better, so I could bear to feel.

I had help. The medicines. The silly ciggies. The spice and herbs and fire. The smoke that I would dance to in the summer breeze.

Would you dance with me?

– Miko Hargett

Would it be so bad if we enjoyed a little more magic in the mundane. Even Monday’s mundane? 🖤🔮🌏

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By mikohargett

A rogue consciousness adjusting to her new body.

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