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Dark beauty, sleepless - 
Shapes, ideas, souls, shy things. 
Light neighbors shadows. - Miko Hargett
Selfie on a sleepless night. By Miko Hargett

Dark beauty, sleepless –

Shapes, ideas, souls, shy things.

Light neighbors shadows. – Miko Hargett

It might get messy, my words and things.

But the reason I opened Evernote is because I wanted to write about writing, which I’m doing by cradling my iPhone 5s in my left hand (on my fingers) and then using it to support my right hand whose thumb supports my right pointer finger which writes key by key – silent clickety-clack from my heart to yours.

I have just sailed past the island of regrets and denial. It’s kind of a guilting in disguise, well meaning but as some say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. As if that’s the only way to hell. Didn’t Jesus visit hell since he was in the neighborhood? I think about that when I think of what type of hell I believe in.

Let me say this: salvation is not linear. It’s anytime anyplace you become skilled enough to surrender to it. The rest of the time it’s just the other parts of the journey. Why not re-examine an idea in case things have changed also – I think I’m talking about the idea of heaven and hell not being absolutely possibly right here on Gods green Mother Earth.

I think Yahweh is actually feminine, no? Meaning, as I heard in conversation, that it’s either male and female or two females.

Well how interesting is that. I prefer to focus on heart over gender anyway.

Recently I saw an IG post about making it about people over (political) parties and groups.

It might turn a lot of things upside down to consider a focus on actions and interests over the human race which has become not the greatest in conversations about racism. Why so negative? Hate begets hate no matter who it’s aimed at. It’s human but so is faith, imagination and creativity.

I can’t believe I just went there to the politics. I must be embracing my anger. Flow lava flow.

Actually, I prefer the idea of water flowing, trickling, running and splashing, crashing into the sandy beach or up some wall or down rocks and stones in cheery river beds.

I’m a strong swimmer. I love the water, how it holds me as I fly in its depths or so, back handsprings and walkovers in its pools. How it dances back when I dance with it.

– Miko

(Meta writing ✍️ )

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