Newborn woman, smile! #haiku #selfie #rebirth

Newborn woman, smile!

Waves of hair, wires – music.

Soul beats, life, love meet.

Newborn woman, breathe!

Wind on skin, bold beautiful,

Rebirthed from within.

Newborn woman, laugh!

Fill your belly with such joy-joy,

Spread to limbs, head, friends.

Newborn woman, peace!

Peace with all that riff raff ‘rah –

Embody your truth, love.

Miko Hargett

From All By My Selfies – Rebirth of a Woman (coming soon)

Selfie of Miko, black and white, new born woman smile!
Words & Photo by Miko

#rebirth #haiku #poetry #amwriting #iphoneography #selfie #reflection #emotion #authorsofig #author #creative #mindbodyheart #artistic #resilience #survivor #woman


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