Vision Update – #Finance Education Voyage #AfterCancer

Fears aside, the mothership is landing!
Mikoopolis, my imaginary interactive vision board, has been making its way through my inner space into reality – and while there is much going on in outer space such as first time trips to the sun (!), rebuilding my inner space after the evil cancer is a first for me.
Where do you start after cancer survival – physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially?
I’ve been asking myself this question as I thought about how to go from bare bones government assistance to the surviving and thriving.
My authorship has set sail on a voyage of its own as I’ve prioritized message over compensation – meanwhile I wanted to plan better for my future financially. Immersion and finding work that supports my healing and rebuilding seems the smart way to go.
Then serendipity! As I was thinking about how to plan for my own recovery and retirement, an opportunity came up to work with a financial education company. Having written marketing copy for finance previously, and mortgage-refinance lead generation during the real estate boom, I wanted to build on that and create a new financial experience.
Integrity and ethics in finance is essential to me – so is team building and financial education. Share the knowledge!
So, in what might look like a leap from my authorship voyage, I’m in training with a vision to build an amazing financial education and services team starting in Las Vegas.
If I’d had my financial situation properly managed before being diagnosed with cancer, things may have gone easier – I may not have had to juggle figuring out basic living expenses while going through treatment. Gratefully, I was helped by friends and strangers and organizations, including the government.
The opportunity to learn, build and share information that is critical to the financial health and posterity of families while building personally is huge for me. Win-win-win.
Without going into the details as I am still in training, I wanted to reach out and ask for your help. To start with I am looking for 10 families, ideally in the Las Vegas area, who would be willing to help me with my training in person. If you are or know or anyone, please connect with me at mikohargett at with the subject – In for Financial Awesomeness and your contact information.
Additionally, the company is expanding in the Las Vegas market – if you are interested or know someone who is interested  – please email me as well and use the subject – In for Super Financial Awesomeness. I will pass your information on to the Vice President.
Let’s bring some more love into finance. 🙂
Miko selfie - let’s bring more love into finance.
Words and photo by Miko Hargett
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