Savage #Survivor Saturday #Tribute

Savage Survivor,

Inner flames rocking your world,

I salute you, love.

It’s also caturday and I give tribute to those savage felines whose furry independence and cuddles have been my grace many days and nights.

It takes a savage to know a savage.

Yesterday I reached deeply inside of me for my inner savage. The survivor that willed me to clean my inner closet during treatment no matter what my critic was shouting. Play it safe! That idea almost killed me more than once.

I became used to being lost in the burn – trusting the burn – coming up from the depths for air and opportunity I could sink my teeth and heart and mind into. Then eventually, pulled back into the burn.

Each opportunity came with its price, and I began to let some leave my fingers because I have new standards. I’m not the person with bottled up emotions. I’ve learned to collaborate with my nature in new ways. I don’t try to soothe my inner savage survivor – I honor her wisdom.

Do waves of old feelings and thoughts come up? Sure, sometimes they throw me on “the beach”. I crash and in the quiet moment after the initial “what the eff” – I remember the part of me that is the survivor and also the wave. I’m battling myself through the world. Battle on, battle born!

I remembered if I can talk to my cancer, surrender to the love offered and heal, everything else is just another adventure. We don’t train for the experience of cancer and treatment and the rebirth that follows. The same heart that got us through is always with us.

I salute my fellow survivors who, when life through down the gauntlet, picked it up and took on the challenge through the ups and downs of treatment and the After Cancer. I’m honored to be among sweet savage survivors.

Thank you for your courage and heart.

Gratitude 🙏

Sister Survivor 💕

Bald and beautiful chemo selfie by Miko
Words and photo by Miko Hargett

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