Loving the story #throwbackthursday #haiku #freeverse

Loving my story –

Messy, contradictory

Full of deep dive love.

After every painful accounting I come back to the same conclusion;

I wouldn’t change a thing I love,

And since love is a connector,

I’d keep it all;

I might not be here experiencing you –

Or here to feel you experience me;

I might not learn those hardcore lessons –

I might not be able to say hey

I’ve been to hell and back;

I might not know my strength,

Or yours.

I might not have such rich happy memories,




I might not have those dreams –

That life squeezed out of my soul –

I might not be who I am,

Or who I can be –

If it wasn’t for a story that won’t die,

that begs me to tell it, tremblingly, ecstatically,

If it wasn’t for my own love story.

If it wasn’t for all that I might not be here,

On my phone,

Sending my love story

Into the ethers,

Imagining you receiving it –

Imagining you telling me yours.

The stories that got us here.


I love my story - Miko in Las Vegas in a coral bikini
Words by Miko Hargett – picture a friend took in June 2014

#haiku #Poetry #story #stories #storytelling #freeverse #love #experience #knowledge #dreams #memories #strength #hellandback #noregrets #authenticity #author #authors #authorsofinstagram #tbt #throwbackthursday #beauty #bikini #summer #lasvegas #beforecancer #lovestory

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