Seated Dance Meditation for Global Sexual Healing #meditation #healing

This is my response to the space that is being made for a planet’s sexual healing. We are clear on what is wrong – but what is beneficial to us now? Here’s what has helped me process and heal layers of trauma.

Seated Dance Meditation for Healthy Sexuality 8m56s

#movementmeditation Above is a link to my playful, light private meditation for healing trauma with music and movement by shifting mental focus onto the desired healed state and then celebrating it all with movement. Move the old energy with music.

We’re collectively shining a spotlight on negative unhealthy sexuality – this is a private practice you can do to help support the healing in a constructive way, relatively safely.

Truth is, we have yet to experience a full expression of our biological natures in this reality. The truth is found internally and then reflected externally and we respond to that, and that way shape our reality. Dance to that.

Seated Dance Meditation for Healthy Sexuality

#meditation #dancemeditation #healing #sexuality #energy #traumahealing

Photo credit: Adriana Rosales


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