Coffee and Closure #shortstory #fiction #metoo #amwriting

By Miko Hargett

Coffee and Closure - a short story #metooI sat in the booth of the diner-ish coffee shop on a busy street where we agreed to meet. They had excellent coffee.

Seated facing the entrance like I’d learned to do from spy shows, I was sure to spot her coming in. I’d be there so if she got cold feet and changed her mind I could go after her.

I looked down at my coffee mug. It felt like a moment and then someone was standing beside me. There she was, slim, athletic, a fair-skinned brunette wearing dark leggings and a soft big gray sweater with a turtleneck underneath. Only her face and hands were showing.

She was finally ready to tell me her story.

“What kind of coffee do they serve here?”

“The best,” I said. We smiled. I waved to the courteous young gentleman server. He came over.

“What can I get for you?”

“Another of your awesome brew for my friend,” I said.

“With cream please,” she added.

He smiled. “I’ll be right back with that.”

“I don’t know where to start,” she began.

“Whatever comes to mind first,” I offered.

She started to take a deep breath and her gaze went towards the wall.

“I never said no. Never called for help. I just moved my hips so it didn’t hurt as much. He had made his point. This was an act of dominance and my submission would come with a price, but not higher than the price of my resistance. I can take a lot of pain and stay lucid.”

“With every thrust I surrendered and relaxed. I hoped I would heave but I was too strong for that. I felt a tremendous aching, the pulsing after the deep sharp pain only a small percentage of the population know, those of us who stay late for the punishment. It was as if immediate relief might hurt more.”

She held my hand with an urgency and hesitation. Her words flowed but I knew it was because they were pumping through her heart with her blood. I looked into her mind and saw her sobbing. I felt the sudden expression of emotion want to make an appearance but the silence was too precious to break.

I didn’t move my hand. Not even to hold hers. I knew from my own experience to let her hold the world with this moment of stillness that filled the pause after her confession. This moment was hers. I would make sure of it.

Her far-away look faded as if she turned into another one of her selves and I found myself staring into her pupils.

She was me. With purple pupils.

I woke up.

The Beginning.

You know what to do.

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