Hid so far inside #haiku #bodymind #heartbreak #anxiety #depression #freeverse

Hid so far inside,

Upstairs in my mind, downstairs

In my heart. Ba-boom.

Black and white artistic image of hand with bracelet cuff and haiku overlay
Words, photo, model: Miko Hargett

Coming up and down from where I was.

Bends and butterflies –

Carnivorous butterflies with big hearts

Bends if I come to surface too fast.

Ocean and cocoon metaphors,

Deep dives, sky high, I expanded

I can’t go back. To tiny vision.

But I can become a better version

Of me.

Maybe octopus girl. In the ocean

Of the world’s emotion.

Tentacles for projects,

Current for underwater breeze

Holds me up,

Those damn deep dives I do alone,

But no there are others swimming

In deep hell with me –

We come up together

While in silence we became free.

Miko Hargett

#haiku #poetry #selfie #spirituality #artist

#healing #woke #freeverse


#cancersurvivor #cancerfree #survivor

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