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Social Media Marketing Check-In for 2019 #socialmediamarketing #ai #business

It’s that limbo time between the burst of year-end festivities and the New Year.

2019, I see you!

These few days are time for some meditative strategizing myself, and I wanted to repost the following from my LinkedIn in case it helps any of you or your friends save oh maybe, 416 hours next year. Call me Mother Time.

Ready for a little love from LinkedIn? I pretend I’m Mother Time as I ask you:

How’s your social media marketing going? 

Are you posting consistently at the best times for your audience and making adjustments for better results in future campaigns?

It’s hard to provide valuable content consistently. AIMI can help you create campaigns and post them for you in minutes!

AIMI stands for Artificial Intelligence Marketing Interface.

Check out the 3-minute overview video at

Using AIMI is as simple as filling out a form and letting AIMI build the campaign for you. Sign up at the link and start fresh for 2019!

Who can use AIMI? Any business with products and sales can save 8 hours per week and enjoy smart, consistent content creation and posting.

🌟Special categories:
Retail (online and offline)
Real Estate
Gym & Fitness
Service Providers

📲General categories:
Business Opportunity
Events (Webinar / Nightlife)
Inspirational (Business, Beauty, Health & Wellness, Financial Freedom)

(Want to work with artificial intelligence? Message me on LinkedIn for details after watching the video at the link above or stay tuned, a post might be coming your way.)

(Dying of curiosity already? Go over to and get a head start with the other Early Birds. Sample posts created by AIMI are at

If you know someone who may be interested, please share!



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