Juice Pulp Crackers Recipe – No Waste, Great Taste #foodie #epicurean

Juice pulp crackers, boiled eggs, avocado oil mayo
I hate dogma so I’m #flexitarian – boiled eggs, juice pulp crackers and avocado mayo – with chopsticks.

I adapted this recipe from Jerry James Stone, found after searching for flaxseed chia seed juice pulp cracker recipes on Google.

First, I used oat flour instead of whatever flour he used.

Second, I added sprinkles of Celtic Sea salt before baking.

I’ve become a salt snob since breast cancer diagnosis. Salt can be very powerful. I like Real Salt, or Celtic sea salt, even over Himalayan salt (but I do like my Himalayan salt lamp!).

My juice pulp contained:

  • Carrots
  • Ginger (a lot)
  • Green apple
  • Artisan lettuce

It’s my adaptation of Gerson Therapy juice.

Followed James’ recipe and scored the crackers before baking with a pizza slicer. Didn’t have parchment paper so greased with coconut oil.

So hearty. I put one in soup and it added a great flavor. So I did it again.

Good stuff and no juice pulp waste! I don’t peel the carrots or ginger or apple either. Easy peasy.



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