A Patient’s Post on Healing Trauma & Spiritual Growth ~ YouTube video from SANDS (science and nonduality)

On my heart awhile … this is about healing trauma (and also finding the spiritual path through trauma but not treating them both as the same thing).
Resharing a very profound video about trauma healing.
So many gems in here. Why would you want to watch this?
1) You’re a blossoming healer (it doesn’t feel so flowery usually as you know but the imagery is refreshing) and people who are moved to do and share, and if so then these two next steps are relevant to consider:
2) You want to look at trauma not only on individual levels but also in society and on a global level (energetically with the collisions of form and fields).
3) You want to understand more about the nature of trauma. Trauma is collapsed energy.

Easy does it

Be responsible and work on your own deep trauma first and go to the professionals (healers operating without having their own therapist or team are advised to do the work first and then practice from your experience not knowledge). Do not discount someone who is in the medical profession – they are your reflection. Work with it.
The shadow side of us likes to try to give this a go on our own because there is a lot of magnetic energy in the healing of trauma that can help to pull us back together (integration) and it’s easy to get sucked into trying to create change in other people but the most powerful change is created consciously in ourselves with a deep respect for other people’s journey and a humble awareness of our own capacity for ignorance.
But what about the warrior mindsets and pushing trauma healing? There is a lot about developing a warrior mind that is new territory for us as civilians.
In the military there is hazing and other cultures have rites of passage. As we begin to understand our own energy and how powerful it is we can have a tendency to seek to assert our opinions of others on them and forget that we see the world as we are. So you are a reflection to me of my shadow. We are all going through a rite of passage as we enter a new experience of our former reality which if you think carefully about it, could be traced back to ideas … (ideas discussion to be contd)
“Sometimes someone needs tough love” Pushing people who have experienced trauma because you think they need to do this or that is not something that should be taken lightly or alone unless there is no other way to stop a destructive situation except for directing (the energy not the person). (Professional help is professional for a reason that has to do with focus).
This is a very specialized area of healing and demands deep respect but I see people doing this a lot online or in reality as they awaken and expand consciousness and watch the trauma but don’t have the consciousness to realize what they are doing to another body of energy that they are not living in. Ask someone and explain what you are going to do and be super gentle. Escalate only for your own survival.

What happens on the receiving end?

This is my expression from many years of exercising incredible self-discipline to not let my shit spill on other people as I really felt like I wanted to. I had to re-learn to speak my mind and re-attach to my feelings. Venting on Facebook gave me the ability to heal that and with that heal my cancer and set my whole body at ease in spite of incredible incredible sensation. Facebook allows people to unfollow and so no one is forced to watch or listen to me. Doing this unleashed a torrent of trapped energy inside me and I got all the supervision and medical and psychological support I could find.
Many people imagine because I seem very chill that I am ok but on the receiving end it hurts like hell for days to be on the receiving end (as a trauma and cancer survivor) and sometimes weeks after with no ability to respond or communicate the pain. Try that on for size.
(I’m chill because that is an energetically conservative place to be and that is a good idea when you are healing and rebuilding and is how I like to default to. Put that energy in the bank for when I really need it.)

My Hope

Hopefully, this information will be helpful and we will exercise humility and caution as we move forward, as well as a demonstration of our understanding of respect.
Please take it from someone who has gone through 7 years of trauma and crisis counseling and healing (on top of the specific cancer healing) as well as personal research and study before that and continues to do so.
Or see for yourself … I did not share this until I was ready to and I hope that if you don’t feel ready you put this away forever or for another time and allow that same courtesy for others – what goes around, comes around but we have the power to decide our response… (MOSTLY – this is not true necessarily for people who have fallen into addictive patterns or lost consciousness because they are not aware of their choice in time to act upon it and so cannot exercise it making it invalid for them until they can come back to a more optimal way of being).

Why do I share things like this?

For awareness.
To counter the lack of knowledge on this subject.
To educate.
Because it is in my heart.
Because I feel guided and the feelings that guide me have been present with me as I faced a closer reality of my own mortality on more than one occasion.
Because if someone had written this when I was in my own unraveling, my suffering would have been reduced.

Deep Dives & Goodbyes

My work is deep and I understand if it is not for you at this time. I will feel the loss of connection if you choose to unfollow or unfriend or otherwise disconnect and I know that these are both choices that we have the majesty to make. I wish you well on your journeys whether we cross paths again or not.
I am all the validation I need and I hope one day you realize that you are too. But that is your journey.
I respectfully release any attachment I have and allow the energy that I am responsible for to shift towards my healing trusting in the cycle of life and in the accuracy of your own internal guidance systems to give you the information to make the choices for yourself that you need to make.
When I say you I mean me too. It’s about the concept more than the who but we are in a very self-aware time and these references are helpful in focusing and redirecting and challenging old beliefs that no longer serve.
Miko 🐉
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