Reality and Why We Are Alive – Comments on Neal’s Video

Good morning gorgeous and hello handsome!

Some of you might like this 11 minute and change explanation to frame society’s conversations with. with Miko while nurturing a big love

This is a profound message I want to talk more with you about in coming videos maybe.

It’s also a hell of a strategy because these days there are a lot of split psyches that condemn other – and forget that we cannot be so effing awesome without the darkness. The light and dark play, so do the positive and negative. True valance is dancing with your vision. 💃🏻 🕺

True balance inspires resilience with its ability and flow. This is how we use everything we have – by experiencing who we truly are, and you can only do that by paying attention. Otherwise, as I heard it put before, you are destined to repeat history. With awareness in the moment you tap into the power of martial arts and healing arts which require commitment and practice.

Why are you alive?

Miko xx 😘

Life after cancer takes a lot of spirit for me. These are my stories and my experiences online and in real life. May your day be as awesome as you are. Love well, Miko xx 💋

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