Goddess of Rain, Kiss My Pain #poetry #adult

I’ve done some manly things before,

Played the princess, played the whore –

Knocked on a dudes back door

But I did it all in my head

And did the riding in my bed –

Peeked in your dark corners

So we wouldn’t trip and fall –

Played the perfect little woman,

Then stopped to grow some balls.

I won’t let you take my pain

I won’t let you hide my feels

Cuz when it comes to love and fucking,

Mixed with pain and all the heals,

I can ride life like a champion –

I’ll do it even if it kills –

Kills my stupid little ego,

She will rise and ride again –

And meanwhile we’ll all be pleasant

Meanwhile she hides her pain

Goddess of soul rain.

Come again.

Kiss my pain.

By mikohargett

A rogue consciousness adjusting to her new body.

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