Welcome to Miko Care

Before we dive deep into what Miko Care represents – in short, my personal adventures and misadventures in life and love and breast cancer – let me just say I had a lot of fun making this new logo.

First of all the M is a super fancy cursive (motto: why curse when you can do cursive?!). For those who know me and my fun with giving and receiving new names, it’s nice that M stands for a few versions of me – when we get to the monogramming stage. Might as well go for it!

The words “miko care” are clear, like helpful instructions.

The heart is red standing first for love and root chakra, security, safety, stability, sexuality – all the major majors in life. The red will be replaced with different colors that represent other things.

What do you think so far? Let me know in the comments, I am making my transition from Facebook to WordPress during this time of chaos and reconstruction that is inspiring personal reinvention for me on multiple levels.

Being the generous agent of change that I admit to being at times, I plan to blog through this reconstruction – a revision reconstruction of my chest and way of living. I plan to be ridiculous, silly and poetic, even prophetic (some people say I am and so we have consensus) but most of all practical, because when the care is good, it flows into all being and doing.

Love, the M factor 😉

PS: Miko Hargett is still alive and well inside a story. I know, crazy huh. I put her inside a novel cube while I go antinovel (basically rejecting all the novel rules I can). and are really just me with a different invisible-ish mask on lol.

M - mikocare
M is for miko care!
Maria the Miko of Miko Care

By mikohargett

A rogue consciousness adjusting to her new body.

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