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“If you think you’ve understood God, that ain’t God.”

“Si enim comprehendis non est deus.” St Augustine 354 AD – 430 AD

This goes right along with the Taoist philosophy, that the eternal Tao cannot be spoken. I LOVE this. It means that everything everyone says about God (or anything for that matter) is just their understanding. The real truth cannot be spoken, although it hides in our words.

So all our beautiful blah blah blah (content) is just an expression of how we understand the beauties of the universe. Myself included. There’s truth in what we say, but language is vulnerable to deception. In the Art of War, we learn that all warfare is based on deception. If we think there’s no war going on right now for minds and hearts, or always has been, I think we’re deluding ourselves. We’re obsessed with truth because we know that some things we thought were truth aren’t. That and it’s the #ageofaquarius – truth seekers.

Once I was talking to someone from Big Pharma at a conference in Vegas. We talked about honesty. He was intrigued when I said that in lies you can find the real truth, which is illuminating. He asked what I did, and I said I managed a gym. He said I was overqualified and should find my place in the world.

When we feel that someone is lying, we can look at the situation again and think of why. The truth of why they needed to lie is very important information when it comes to wicked problem management. It tells you what kind of a person they are and how they operate and how they value or respect you.

Since I was little I’ve watched people find God. I’ve helped people find God. I was raised as a missionary’s daughter and one of Jesus’ Endtime soldiers. I knew how to ask people if they wanted to have Jesus in their hearts, and lead them in prayer. In Thai.

I read my Bible In Pictures and imagined myself as Tracy in the Oh God movies with George Burns. When is God gonna make my fortune cookies rattle in the plate? He still hasn’t. Lol.

I realized the other day when I saw Mikhaila Peterson’s video on Finding God, that I don’t remember a time when I didn’t know God. I’ve had close friends who were atheists, agnostics, and theology majors too. So I’ve seen many perspectives. I had “believers” act like straight-up emissaries of the Devil, so the wolf in sheep’s clothing is a thing. Same with spiritual folks. Light and love on the outside, manipulative and duplicitous on the inside. I also think it’s convenient that we make the Devil a scapegoat for our own lack of accountability. But I digress. Maybe God and the Devil are kind of like western religion’s yin and yang. Probably I’m getting into trouble now saying that.

Just when I was getting tested for cancer, a Catholic woman asked me repeatedly if I was praying. Annoyed, I finally said yes, I pray in my own way. I could see and feel her contempt as she scolded me for believing that God could appear in any form. “God could be a fairy to you!”

Well, first of all – is he powerful or not, lol. He should be able to do that no problem to cheer my inner child, lol. The Christians I grew up with didn’t like me saying this type of stuff. It wasn’t my place. Right.

Secondly – I didn’t remember telling her that I thought God was a fairy, although she was right about my belief. For a minute I wondered if God was testing me through her, or if the “Devil” was challenging me. Who the heck knows, really. I’ve seen God in a frog when I couldn’t see him in people.

Why do we put limitations on something that is bigger than us?

I wanna talk about God.


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