Web Sites and Reflecting on Survivorship

We’re at an orange down from a red in the housing crisis in Mikoopolis. I have less than two months here. So, all systems go, while supporting healing and being gentle with myself. Any help you can give at the link below is much appreciated! Or do you know someone who needs a website? I’m open for business at!

They’re both on my mind: Miko Care Design for web sites, and in survivorship, Miko Care for promoting self-care using a holistic, integrative approach, starting with me.

Both projects are part of my mission to give back and pay it forward.

Let’s start with web site design. The Web has been a tremendous resource in my healing journey, connecting me with ideas, information, products, and people. It connects us globally in ways we never could have imagined.

My web journey started before 2000 and I just finished a new certification as a Web Design Professional so I can improve my offerings! It is an honor and delight to give back to the Web by creating valuable, easy to use web sites that connect you with your customers, clients, or patients.

There’ll be more juicy web details to come as I take things to a new level and explore web design life Miko style.

So busy with the excitement of launching and figuring out where I’m going to be. Is skipping out on self-care in exchange for working more a clever idea? What I learned from survivorship is that the top priority that flows into everything is self-care, or Miko Care, and listening to the body. Self-care sounds like a lone job, but while it’s an inside job, effective self-care requires community, and we’re building it…

There’s a free Miko Care group you can join here: Miko Care Facebook Group. Expect to see memes, articles, and videos related to self-care. And bring some of your own to share!

In between setting up for new website projects (do you know anyone who needs a website?), learning new techniques and technology, in my self-care tool kit, the self-care practice that keeps it all together is meditation. There’s sitting meditation, moving meditation, guided meditation, yoga Nidra, and mindfulness with breathing. A combination of those helps me move at a steady pace and continue to heal layer by layer. Don’t wait, medit8!

While healing has felt slow, it has been steady. I’m glad to be in a place mentally and physically to promote self-care practices that have helped me and build kickass websites with you.

Again, if you can help me raise funds to secure a new more permanent housing situation, I would be most appreciative! See the link below. If you need a website, let’s talk at!

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