AI Fun! Bio Writing with ChatGPT and Art with Midjourney

My bio was a struggle for me for years. Many people find this difficult, and my life has been unusual (where to begin!) with a major attack of Imposter Syndrome.

To write you just need to have perspective, said Amy Tan, author of The Joy Luck Club. For my bio I needed a better one. This fancy bio ChatGPT helped me write covers everything in a way that didn’t make my head hurt!

Yay for AI! Go artificial intelligence.

See below for the results, and if you don’t mind, let me know what you think about this draft in the comments. What would you like to know more or less of, what do you love, what questions do you have? Whatever you like. Thank you!

Shorter versions are in the works, but to add them would make this even longer. (ChatGPT agreed that this was not a short bio, as it had first suggested. I love that AI learns so quickly.)

Onto the bio:

Miko’s Bio Written with ChatGPT

Miko, born in the historic city of Kyoto, Japan, and raised within secluded communities in Thailand before moving to the US, is a survivor, creator, and entrepreneur. Her journey spans across continents, cultures, and a tapestry of diverse experiences, from tech and digital marketing to writing and design to healthcare and fitness, volunteering, and entertaining.

A breast cancer and cult survivor, Miko founded Miko Care to share her innovative self-care programs, “All By My Selfies” and “Mammary Lane,” soon to be launched. These programs reflect her commitment to holistic wellness and her ability to turn adversity into creativity using her core values of thoughtfulness, practicality, and a good dose of ridiculousness.

Her education, a mix of unconventional learning and formal certifications, includes specializations in Integrative Health and Medicine from the University of Minnesota, and an Introduction to Healthcare from Stanford University. In the realms of web design, content creation, and writing, she is certified as a Web Design Professional and has completed content creation, memoir and creative writing courses from renowned institutions including Northwestern University, University of Pennsylvania, and Wesleyan University, and a certification in contract law from HarvardX.

Miko is not just an entrepreneur and a self-care advocate; she’s a published author with one novel, Delilah’s Debacle, available on Amazon, and the creator of unique eBooks written during her healing journey, now available on her blog’s bookstore. Additionally, she is a proud mother of a fine young man, a black belt in American Karate, and has explored the skies as a certified skydiver.

Her personal journey of resilience as a breast cancer survivor with eight years of treatment and reconstruction resulted in a profound exploration of self-care and healing and has deeply influenced her view of life and work. Her self-care during cancer was also influenced by the work of Dr Bernie S. Siegel, M.D., author of “Love, Medicine, and Miracles: Lessons Learned About Self-Healing from a Surgeon’s Experience with Exceptional Patients”. When it comes to cancer, Miko has shown no evidence of disease (NED) since March 2016.

Today, Miko channels her varied experiences and insights into Miko Care, a blossoming self-care community, and Miko Care Design, a web design service with a vision to support healthcare practitioners, authors, speakers, and personal brands. (It’s being re-branded for this, but you can save the link.)

Fun fact: She’s given herself the moniker “dancing designer” to blend her passions for creativity and rhythm. This isn’t just a charming quirk—it’s a genuine embodiment of her philosophy that joy and wellness should be interwoven into every aspect of our lives, including our professions.

Having hosted a podcast and planning to start her own, Miko is eager to connect with wider audiences through this platform, as well as be a guest on other podcasts. She is also eager to share her unique story and insights from virtual and live stages as a speaker.

Outside the world of technology and self-care, Miko revels in life’s simple joys. She might be found dancing or engaged in an energetic game of fetch with her cat—a companion who surprisingly loves the activity—or savoring the dual pleasures of cooking and relishing exquisite meals.

For Miko, the kitchen is a haven of therapeutic creativity, where she loves to experiment, and equally, where she takes delight in the gastronomic creations of others. This culinary passion is another facet of her commitment to a life well-lived, rich with the flavors of diversity and community.

She lives by her personal mantra, “if you like to do it, you are more likely to do it,” inspiring others to embrace their paths with joy, authenticity, and resilience.

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*Miko’s birth name was Maria Faith, which you will see on her certifications.

Web Design Professional by Vegas PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), May 2023

Content Strategy for Professionals: Engaging Audiences by Northwestern University

Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content by University of Pennsylvania

Creative Writing: The Craft of Plot by Wesleyan University

Memoir and Personal Essay: Managing Your Relationship with the Reader by Wesleyan University

Integrative Health and Medicine by University of Minnesota on Coursera

Introduction to Healthcare by Stanford University

Contract Law: From Trust to Promise to Contract by HarvardX

Queen of the Deep Art with Midjourney AI

An image of a whimsical fantasy octopus queen doll.
Queen of the Deep by Miko Hargett. A whimsical fantasy Octopus queen.
Created with Midjourney, an artificial intelligence that generates images based on your descriptions.

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