About Miko Care, an Anti-Novel Approach to Wellness

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Miko Care, What Are You?

sometimes life calls for it... miko care
sometimes life calls for it… mikocare an exceptional wellness community

An Exceptional Wellness Community available internationally for anyone who loves to explore personal excellence. Miko Care is easy, or as Miko the Founder likes to say, Easy Peasy Japanesey! Miko Care utilizes every day products and practices to improve experience and outcome through thoughtful actions with like minded people.

Consider Miko Care an outlier organization that begins with personal organization of thoughts and actions from your heart, that often overlooked but incredibly intelligent organ that loves the rest of us too.

That’s what makes Miko Care exceptional. It starts with you, and Miko Care. Then it’s wherever you want to go from there. Soar, eagle, soar – meet your Condor!

Welcome to a community that is just being born on planet earth brought to you straight from the heart of Mikoopolis.

Miko Care is the creative love child of Maria Faith and the world around her as she changed names and clothes and mindsets to find wellness through life’s challenges, including relationship woes, exes and uh-ohs, and HER2+ (her too positive – hahaha) breast cancer.

Currently Maria is in revision reconstruction phase but she is gratefully No Evidence Disease. (Revision because my body kept trying to attack me!)

Maria loves writing and letters and performing her own duties of Miko Care in her world. She looks forward to connecting with you. If you’d like to write Miko Care with questions or concerns or ask for prayer or meditation, click the button below and I’ll be happy to help in any way I can.

Blessings folks and fellows, friends and family!

Read my posts by following me on Facebook for now … big things in the works but we are in no rush, we are enjoying candle meditations and simple joys in the moment and look forward to enjoying with you as well.

Blessings always! May your days grow always more lovely for you and those around you!

Maria Faith *Miko*

aka SPRY GEMINI and Others 😉 #novelist and #muse

Let’s start a conversation we can build on and share! Meanwhile, all correspondences are confidential and personalized and encouraged. If you need someone to write to, I am here for you. Writing is cathartic, a healing activity that can help deepen understanding and provide relief through self expression. I read with love and compassion and offer insights from my experience for your inspiration and consideration and to be used at your discretion. Write away, soul friend.

Tips: Write from your heart over your mind. The devil is in the details; the deeper truth is beyond them and within them.

sometimes life calls for it... miko care
sometimes life calls for it… mikocare an exceptional wellness community
Current programs in development: Write 2 Heal, Selfie Stream, Wits & Tits, Mammary Lane
  • Writing Teaching / Coaching
  • Meditation Teaching / Coaching – Stillness
  • Meditation Teaching / Coaching – Movement
  • Integrative Holistic Fitness – Personal Training for Mastery Inside & Out
  • Developing Your Selfie Stream – Personal / Group
  • Wits & Tits – Enterprising Diva Fellowship
  • Mammary Lane – A Virtual Avenue for Personal Healing Arts During Breast Cancer and Change
  • Bite Size Changes